Looking for an inspiration for your daughter’s bedroom? Think of some Disney stickers!

The major Disney hit of recent years, ‘Frozen’, does not drop its fame among little ladies. Beautiful Elsa, hidden in herself and her minor sister Anna, approaching everyone with a positive philosophy, can become your daughter’s playmates.

disney murals
Created by: Bố Tony
Source: http://www.flickr.com

Thanks to what? The recent trends in interior design let it happen!

Created by: Yinan Chen
Source: http://www.flickr.com

Flows in the universe of interior design are evolving like in a kaleidoscope. Every year, the Pantone Institute selects the new, most trendy color, and the most popular global designers promote fresh arrangement trends. For lovers of pleasing interiors it is a real feast! It is as well nice to watch the changes happening and to fish among them the most favorite pieces, in accordance with your own preference and sense of fashion. It is not hard to spot that interior revolutions affect both "adult" tendencies and kids’ rooms. Kids are constantly growing and progressing, demanding more and more stimuli and many sources of inspiration. It is worth introducing little seasonal modifications into the children's kingdom, which would be not only a nod to the recent trends, but also a crucial element that influences the fantasy and creative endeavor of the child. Wall murals are an idea for all those who appreciate when something interesting is going on inside.

What is more, the offer presented by stores with wall decorations is so enormous that we will encounter a product in any topic, pattern, color... or we may even design something following our own fantasy. Nothing, therefore, stops Disney murals from entering the walls of your child's room.
17-12-20 13:37
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