Photo wallpaper – an innovative solution for a restroom decoration

Pictures, flowers or wall murals in this room have not found their place for decades, and currently – even though increasingly more frequently there are big bathrooms with windows - the addition of such details happens very slowly and without much conviction.

photo wallpaper
Created by: Kaplan International

Nonetheless, it is worth choosing colorful ornaments and employing surfaces of walls, shower cabins, doors or some equipment, to make a usual and somewhat conventional interior evolve beyond recognition.


What to put on the wall?

Created by: Lukas Plewnia
It's an appealing question. However, do you actually need to put something on the wall? If you look at the historical publications from the past, you will see that people have constantly put something on their walls, even when men and women lived in a cave, they colored their walls and put many simple ornaments including flowers.

A bathroom is a beloved place for women to relax, even though lately gentlemen tend to lean on baths, but mostly the association with flowers, pleasant scents or calming water massage gives women more satisfaction, which is why usual feminine shades prevail in a restroom or bedroom arrangement. This does not mean, however, that it is inconceivable to create a space with a neutral tone implementing, for example, marine images, tropical foliage layouts or photographs of a modern city bathed in a flood of lights. The choice of the right solutions relies only on your proper subjective needs and images that influence the imagination. While relaxing in a shower in the company of lazily flowing water - the actual one and the one on the wall mural – you may gain a diverse view of reality, and the power charge that arrives from the picture, aromas of oils and a delicate touch of water can emotionally regenerate.

Photo wallpaper for the restroom is a recent and innovative way of decorating the interior, particularly when it is a multicolor element in a subtle, monotonous area, providing the room that unique and particular character, due to pictorial connections that stimulate the imagination.
18-02-12 16:22
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